Just because an electric bicycle gives off zero tailpipe emissions and does its part to save the planet doesn't mean it's going to protect the rider. A friend of a Wired reporter recently bought a Brammo Enertia ebike in Oregon and began a cross-country trip back to Atlanta. The rider, Nathan Abbott, knew that it would be a tough ride – the bike's range is a paltry 40 miles and the entire trip was 3,800 miles. Not exactly an easy journey, but he learned one thing early on:
My "safe" range is about 40 miles @ 45mph. Faster than that drains the battery much [more] quickly & reduces range. Have to avoid fast interstates with 90mph trucks & long desolate stretches of highway greater than 35 miles between charges.
Before he made it out of Oregon, though, Abbott's road trip came to a rough end when he was hit by a 20-year-old driver in an Audi A4. He suffered serious injuries and ended up in a short coma, but he woke up yesterday and seems to be getter better. Information on the man who thought the trip was a good idea and how to donate to his medical fund is at Wired.

[Source: Wired]

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