U.S. Fiesta unveiled early by Ford Canada?

2011 Ford Fiesta U.S.-spec – Click above for image gallery

Did our friends in the great, frostbitten north just jump the gun by half a week and reveal the 2011 North American Ford Fiesta ahead of its upcoming LA Auto Show debut? Boy we kinda hope not. Well, specifically, we hope the the little five-door fire cracker we've come to know and love (largely thanks to the well-executed Fiesta Movement) doesn't get this new grille. It's by no means a deal breaker, but it's just not as uncluttered and sharp looking as the Euro-Fiesta's simple face. Meanwhile, the Fiesta sedan gets FoMoCo's three-bar grille up front, and resembles a Yaris sedan everywhere else.

There are also some enormous chrome scoops/intakes fore of the front wheels where the fog lamps on the Euro cars used to reside. Purpose? No idea, but we have to imagine that fog lamps would have served a more purposeful purpose. We have to say that we hope the loss of the fog lamps isn't an indication that the Fiesta is getting decontented for our market.

One of the reasons (admittedly of many) that we fell so head over heals for the Fiesta is that it provided big car sophistication in a little car package. American car companies have for decades been of the mind set that if you opt to buy a small car, you should suffer (quite literally) the consequences. The Fiesta looked to be a break from that mentality. Hopefully it still is.

There is a weird sliver of history that provides a silver lining. There is a longstanding tradition of releasing slightly different models in Canada than we get here in the U.S. This always struck us as weird since half of Quebec runs across the border to buy cigarettes in Vermont every week. Anyhow, remember the Pontiac Parisienne – a Chevy badged as a Pontiac with fancy seats that helped make Pontiac the number three selling brand in Canada for decades. Here's hoping we get the full Euro-Fiesta south of the 49th Parallel.

[Source: Autoblog Espanol via Google Translate]

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