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Let's see an i-MiEV do this.

Michael Inwood, a farmer in New South Wales, Australia, has converted a Mitsubishi truck to plant crops using nothing but electric power. It gets better. The car is charged using renewable energy (wind and sun) and the farming method he uses, called Pasture Cropping and No Kill Cropping, doesn't use fertilizers or chemicals. It also returns biomass to the earth, sequestering the carbon trapped within, and is therefore better than carbon neutral. The truck uses 45 lead acid batteries (we think) to generate 200 hp, 150 kW, and 100 nm of torque. Plenty to pull the farm equipment. The truck cost $40,000 AUS to convert, but Inwood thinks that it makes sense for his family wool and grain farm. After all, he says that, "You could arguably say this is the most environmentally friendly vehicle in the world."
Watch a video on the project here and another one after the jump. Thanks to Michael I. for the tip!

[Source: YouTube, AgrowPlow]

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