In truth, Alfa Romeo didn't simply rename the coming model formerly known as "Milano" to "Giulietta." It was Fiat's unhappy Milanese workers who made a stink awful enough to get the company to change course in nomenclature. Seems the new Milano was due to arrive as the last of the Milanese Alfisti were going to be made redundant or moved to Turin, where Fiat is headquartered. The Milan workers, dead set on not being remembered in name alone, protested to the parent company, and so the car has a new name.

That name might or might not be Giulietta, but that's supposedly where the smart money's headed. Alfa would only say that "organizational issues" prevented it from disclosing the name and pictures of the car, and gave no indication of when it would tell us what the car will be called. If Giulietta does win the name game, it would be the third time Alfa's put out a model wearing that moniker.

[Source: Auto News, sub req'd]

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