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It's nothing new to see high performance vehicles like Porsche 911s being used for autobahn pursuit in Germany. The gang at AC Schnitzer have just unwrapped (or perhaps wrapped is the better term given the side graphics) a new police car concept based on the 123d. As one of Autoblog's resident diesel fans, the 123d has long been one of this blogger's favorites. The compact package combined with the tasty twin turbo 2.0-liter four cylinder diesel putting out 204 hp scores mid-6 second 0-60 times with 40 mpg efficiency.

Schnitzer, since it is their job, couldn't leave well enough alone and has boosted the engine further to 241 hp and 354 pound-feet. They've also applied an array of their special visual bits including a front splitter, rear spoiler, bigger wheels and Hankook tires. The body has been dropped 30 mm which should help compensate a bit for the extra drag of the light bar on the roof. Inside, racing seats and carbon fiber trim are accompanied by a new cover for the iDrive knob that matches the design of the wheels.

We'll pass on the light bar and the graphics but would be happy to take the rest of the car, thank you.

Press Release No. 16/2009

Page 1/1 November / December 2009

Safe, Serious Tuning – A Mission for the Company and the Customer

The fifth concept car of the "TUNE IT! SAFE!" VDAT initiative has been designed mainly by BMW tuning specialist AC Schnitzer

"Only serious, safe tuning will bring the hoped-for driving pleasure!" Under this motto, the Association of German Car Tuners (VDAT) every year launches a special concept car. In 2010, BMW AG is providing a BMW 123d Coupé for the Association's "TUNE IT! SAFE!" initiative, which is also supported by the Police and the Federal Ministry for Transport, Building and Road Development. Most of the vehicle accessory equipment has been supplied by Aachen-based BMW tuning specialist AC Schnitzer.

As in the last four years, a police vehicle has been professional converted as part of the promotion. The AC Schnitzer "ACS1 2.3d", based on the BMW 123d Coupé, shows that safe tuning is far from boring. VDAT-member AC Schnitzer has upgraded the 2.3 D engine to 241 HP (177 kW) and 480 Nm. The police car with 6-speed automatic transmission now accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 6.7 seconds, so would acquit itself well even in the fastest pursuit. The latest
AC Schnitzer wheels Type IV BiColor are fitted with tyres from TUNE IT! SAFE! main sponsor Hankook. The low, safe road position is achieved with the sports suspension from the Aachen-based specialist with 30 mm lowering. The bodystyling kit consists of two-piece front spoiler, rear skirt insert, rear wing and rear roof spoiler. Good visibility is ensured by the "LEDayFlex" modern daytime running lights from Hella, and optimum rearward vision by the AC Schnitzer "New Generation" sports mirrors.

In the interior, the guardians of the law could enjoy leather racing bucket seats with
AC Schnitzer logo and silver genuine carbon fibre trim on the dashboard, centre console, door handles and steering wheel, which are perfectly complemented by the aluminium pedals and aluminium foot rests. A further highlight is the G-force indicator, which measures and displays the centrifugal forces inside the car.

The concept car impressively demonstrates large parts of the tuning accessory range from
AC Schnitzer. To give the BMW the essential, authentic look of a "real" police car, Foliatec supplied the original stickering and Hella the flashing lights. Even the police could - and would like to - drive the converted vehicle in public road traffic. To their regret however, the concept car will not be brought into use and is not available in this complex form. Nonetheless, it makes an important contribution towards achieving the aim of the initiative: to combat illegal, unsafe tuning and counterfeiting. All AC Schnitzer conversions are however available commercially and are of course TÜV-approved.

The AC Schnitzer "ACS1 2.3d Coupé" will be on display for the first time at the Essen Motor Show on VDAT Stand No. 406 in Hall 10 from 28 November to 6 December 2009. "Serious and safe tuning is not only a company philosophy, but it is also our mission", emphasises Rainer Vogel, Managing Director of AC Schnitzer. And you can take this literally: Safe tuning with components from a reputable manufacturer not only brings the desired driving pleasure, but can even be lifesaving.

Overview for Press Release No. 16/2009
Page 1/1 November / December 2009

TUNE IT! SAFE! BMW 123d Coupé by AC Schnitzer

Basic car: BMW 123d Coupé (E82)
Engine: AC Schnitzer performance upgrade
performance: 177 kW / 241 HP
Exhaust: AC Schnitzer "Racing" tail trim, chromed
Suspension: AC Schnitzer sports suspension
AC Schnitzer strut brace
Aerodynamics: AC Schnitzer front spoiler for cars with M-Technik
AC Schnitzer rear skirt insert for cars with M-Technik
AC Schnitzer rear wing
AC Schnitzer rear roof spoiler
AC Schnitzer sports mirrors "New Generation"
Wheel Tyre set: AC Schnitzer Type IV "BiColor" wheels (with Hankook tyres)
Steering: AC Schnitzer sports steering wheel "EVO"
AC Schnitzer carbon insert for steering wheel, silver
Interior: AC Schnitzer carbon interior incl. panels for door handles
AC Schnitzer carbon automatic gear knob
AC Schnitzer Recaro sports seats incl. side airbags
AC Schnitzer G-Force display* (prototype)
AC Schnitzer aluminium cover for "i-Drive system" "Black Line"
AC Schnitzer aluminium handbrake handle "Black Line"
AC Schnitzer aluminium pedal set, eloxed
AC Schnitzer aluminium foot rest, eloxed
AC Schnitzer floor mats, velours
All AC Schnitzer conversions are components of the sales program for the 1 series model range (except *). They are all TÜV approved and available through BMW partners.
Police decor: FOLIATEC / INTAX / folioCar
Light-signal system: Hella RTK 7
Daytime running light: Hella LEDayFlex
Tyres: HANKOOK Ventus S1 evo

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