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It appears that Vectrix has just about sorted itself out and could soon officially declare itself out of bankruptcy and on the straight and narrow lithium-lined path. According to a press release we found reproduced on the V is for Voltage forum (but could not find on the websites of the companies involved) GoldPeak Batteries has scooped up "New Vectrix" and changed its name to back to its original Vectrix Corporation. The new owners had a partial stake in the company previously and were, indeed, the supplier of their nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) battery. If things proceed as hoped, the new company should have a bright, lithium-powered future.

If you haven't figured it out yet (dude, you're slow!), the Vectrixes of the future will come will a lithium iron phosphate (LiFePo4) battery that should improve range and eliminate some of the problems buyers have had with the original chemistry. There have been reports of problems balancing voltages within the cells and shortened range and battery life due to operation in high ambient temperatures. Not only will the new machines be packing lithium power but the company hopes to offer an upgrade kit for existing bikes. Product lineup plans for 2010 have also been clarified with the VX-1 getting something of a makeover and two smaller models in the works. Like their larger sibling, the new runabouts will also have lithium batteries and be the electric equivalents of a 50 cc and 150 cc scooter. We now await the official announcement from Vectrix and will also seek to learn whether there is any truth to a rumor about a possible TTXGP appearance from the re-born company. Purported press release after the break.

[Source: V is For Voltage]


GoldPeak Batteries Announces the Acquisition of Vectrix

Vectrix has a bright future ahead!

On the 6th of November 2009 GoldPeak Batteries International announced the acquisition of all assets
and certain liabilities of Middletown RI based Vectrix Corporation. Before that, Vectrix Corporation filed
for bankruptcy under chapter 11, US bankruptcy law (for details please see official press release from GP
published Nov, 6th).
Gold Peak Group is a public listed company in Singapore and Hong Kong and is one of the leading
battery suppliers worldwide.
GoldPeak established for this transaction a Delaware based company called New Vectrix and re-named
as Vectrix Corporation. Vectrix Corporation is 100 % owned by GP Batteries through EVB Technology
(HK) Limited. The organizational structure of the new company will be communicated later
The Vectrix Corporation is now working to consolidate all the activities (headquarter, sales, technology
and production). Lean manufacturing is based in Wroclaw, Poland and keep continues operation as
Vectrix continues to produce the Vx1 bikes and provides customers with accessories, spare parts and
technical support.
The company is currently developing new models of high performance, zero emission scooters and will
be introducing them in the near future: By the summer 2010 a new version of the Vx1 including several
technical improvements will be introduced to the market. The new Vx1 will have a GoldPeak Li Iron
Phosphate Battery. For the existing Vx1 customers, an upgrade kit to the Li battery technology will be
Two smaller electric scooters are also under development: one will be a 50cc equivalent and one will be
a 150cc equivalent. Both scooters will be powered by a GP Li Iron Phosphate battery.
Vectrix will inform all dealers at appropriate time about the technical performance parameters,
availability and price structures of the new bikes.
Vectrix acknowledges all warranty claims in Europe regarding Vx1 bikes which were maintained
according to the operator's manual and which were officially registered for warranty with Vectrix.
Wolfgang Gohl, former Vice president for Operations and new Vice President commented the take over
by Goldpeak: "This move is a triple win for customers, suppliers and for the employees. It provides the
required stability to develop the key market and the right product. The EV market is just starting to
emerge, first policies are under development and Vectrix and his partners are in a prime position to
supply a quality product for various applications."
Wesley Lau, Head of Strategies Business Unit & Special Project – GP Batteries and New assigned
President of Vectrix commented the partnership: "Vectrix is the leading brand in the electric 2-wheel
market. This is based on a superior product and good positioning in the market. We will work with all
our customers to enhance this position and provide even better solutions to the electric vehicle

Wroclaw, (Poland) Nov, 15th, 2009

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