Aptera 2e final design rendering - Click above to enlarge

Aptera Motors has been in the news recently because there's been a lot of trouble behind the scenes, with company founder Steve Fambro being let go and the vehicle being pushed back to 2010. The latest company email newsletter is out and it mentions three items:
  1. An Aptera 2e that was on display at the Reliant Football Stadium in Houston, Texas for the Texan/Titans game five days ago.
  2. That the company is resubmitting its application to the DOE, now that three-wheelers can be considered.
  3. Some information on "Aptera's Beach Body" and the evolution of the 2-series composite body.
Can you see what's missing? The official website, too, doesn't mention the trouble. We can understand that the company doesn't want to spend all of its communication bandwidth on problems it is having, but to not acknowledge them in any way gives off a bad feeling. Combine this with what we've heard (but haven't proved) about the Aptera website's RSS news feed being recoded to reduce the number of stories that show up about the troubles, and it's not exactly looking transparent over at there. Here's hoping for a bit more sunlight. Thanks to Richard H. for the tip!

[Source: Aptera]

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