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General Motors shocked the crowd at Cars & Coffee this weekend by bringing out the 2011 Chevy Volt. Representatives on hand said this is the same car that will be on display at the LA Auto Show next week. They added that this is a pre-production model with a lot of development miles on it. For all that, it looked pretty good, especially given the wet conditions. We were disappointed that nobody faked an electric shock when touching the car in the damp lot.

Lack of hijinks aside, it seemed most people at the show liked the Volt, although several walked right past it, not realizing what it was. Good or bad, as important as this car is to GM, it looks pretty much like any other midsize sedan. On a day where Suzuki brought out all of their SEMA show cars and Tesla brought down a Roadster and Roadster Sport, the Volt and the Equinox fuel cell vehicle behind it still managed to draw a pretty big crowd. We snapped a few pics for our gallery, which you can check out below. We'll bring you more about the Volt and everything else worth noting at the LA Auto Show next week.

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