Wet Liberal rants - Click above to watch the video after the break

Most of the time, Robert Llewellyn is a seemingly well-adjusted comedic actor with a concern for environmental issues who currently hosts a web-based show called Carpool, where he drives about in a hybrid or electric car whilst talking with a very interesting person. Occasionally though, the pressures of life bear down on him and to remove certain issues from off his chest, he becomes the "Wet Liberal" (defined by Llewellyn a someone who "inhabits the flippy floppy central area" between the political left and right, where he reckons most people actually reside) and speaks his truth directly to the camera sans car and sans guest.

This latest episode begins with the disclosure that he has been given a car. Well, several cars apparently, but the most recent and pertinent one being an i MiEV which Mitsubishi has agreed to let him have for a year, ostensibly for the purposes of an upcoming project. (Dear Mitsubishi, We are anxiously awaiting an i MiEV for an extended stay in the AutoblogGreen Garage. Specifically, the garage of our southeastern branch office. In left-hand-drive please.) From there, the soliloquy turns to the latest electric-car edition of Top Gear which, naturally, leads to a discussion of hydrogen and why its promotion as the fuel of the future is an oil company ploy. While we can't speak to veracity of all his claims, we can recommend sitting back for nine and a half minutes of the Wet Liberal amusement that awaits you after the jump.

[Source: YouTube via Tesla Motors Club]

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