Honda may not have the hybrid sports coupe market to itself for long if a report out of Japan has any merit. One of Japan's top car magazines, Best Car, is reporting that Toyota is planning to bring forth a hybrid sports car in the near future as a direct challenger to the new Honda. Unlike the front wheel drive Honda, the renderings produced by the magazine indicate that the sporting hybrid would be mid-engined like the now discontinued MR2.

Such a layout would would imply the likelihood of a significantly higher performance level than what we expect from the CR-Z, although Honda has yet to say just what to expect from its coupe. A hybrid sportster like this would might also be a good first non-plug application for new lithium ion batteries. If such a car does become a reality from Toyota, it would certainly be in line with Akio Toyoda's stated intent of getting more passion into his namesake brand. It would also make an interesting counterpoint to the upcoming FT-86 being developed with Subaru. Who said hybrids had to be boring?

[Source: Best Car via CarScoop]

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