The search for the last Horch -- Click above to watch video

You have August Horch to thank for Audi. A former engineer for Karl Benz, Horch started the second oldest company of the original four companies that merged to form Auto Union (the first was Wanderer). But it was Horch whose name, translated into Latin, became "Audi."

The last Horch was built in Ingolstadt in 1953, and Audi wanted to find it. They put their vintage car locator, Ralph Hornung, on the case and he ended up in a field in West Texas. Follow the jump to view a video explaining the search and how the once mighty V8 found its way to a lonely Lone Star pasture. And on a side note, Hornung has a most awesome job... Thanks for the tip, Alex!

[Source: Audi TV via YouTube]

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