While paying for your parking meter using a cell phone is not a new thing, the Dutch city of Utrecht has announced a program that goes a step beyond. From April 1st 2010, citizens parking their cars in this city will need only a cell phone and their registration number connected to a nation-wide database. What's the database for? To download information into your GPS system to find the closest empty parking space to your destination, saving time and fuel, for one thing. For another, Utrecht has announced that the system could potentially be linked to the type of car, using your registration plate to determine how green your car is, and charge for your parking space accordingly. Of course, this system is not everybody's piece of cake as it will give the government information about the exact location of your car. On a similar note is the proposed electronic pay-as-you drive road tax that is also coming to the Netherlands.

[Source: Autonews.nl]

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