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Building a one-off or even very low volume car can be pulled off by a fairly small team if necessary. However, designing, developing and building a modern mass produced vehicle is a very different matter. With low interest loans from the Department of Energy coming eventually, and a possible IPO injecting still more working capital, Tesla is ramping up to take the Model S from a pair of cobbled together prototypes to what they hope will be full production. That means the EV builder will have to add more staff to complete all the design and engineering work on the sedan.

Since Tesla plans to produce this car in-house rather than contracting out chassis and body work, they will also need a crew of manufacturing engineers to get an assembly plant up and running. Customers buying cars in the price range north of $50,000 have high expectations today so the Model S will have to be very well executed. Fortunately for Tesla, there is no shortage of unemployed engineers, designers and technicians right now so they should have no trouble filling the 140 openings they have at this time. The jobs are mainly at the San Carlos headquarters and in the Los Angeles area where the design work is being done.

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[Source: Tesla]

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