After spending a product cycle honing its image, Infiniti doesn't want to to compromise it's standing in the luxury automobile set -- not even for its electric vehicles. That is why the "compact, high-performance, four-seat luxury Infiniti with zero emissions" that Carlos Ghosn announced at the Tokyo Auto Show will not alter what people have come to expect from Nissan's upmarket brand. If a VP in Infiniti's Business Unit, Ben Poore, is to be believed, it will enhance it.

"The model will fit perfectly with the performance standards that we've set for the brand," Poore said. We don't imagine it will be too difficult for Infiniti to simply electrify one of their vehicles and make it worthy -- we'd hop in an electric G37 in a second. The real challenge will be livability and longevity. Those challenges could be what Infiniti has in mind in not giving its electric car a release date, because they'll want to get it right... and maybe they want that time to perfect a four-door, electric Essence. Let the dreaming begin in three, two...

[Source: Automotive News - Sub. Req.]

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