It sort of figures that a team named Illuminati would beat all comers. While the Automotive X Prize is nowhere near over, Illuminati Motor Works is the " only 'garage team' remaining in the contest," according to a recent profile in the local State Journal Register. We're not sure what the criteria are for a garage team (it seems like there are still a lot of scrappy little teams involved), but the five guys in Team Illuminati are certainly putting in long hours to make their car, called Seven, a reality. Currently, it's a frame on wheels.

When completed, the Seven will be an all-electric vehicle that, according to the team, will have some impressive numbers: a 500-mile (!) range, a motor good for 30 million (!) miles and batteries will last for 10 years. Get up and go is an impressive 6 seconds from 0 to 60. The team is supported by personal funds and sponsors. Hyundai chipped in $10,000 and EV Components has helped as well.

[Source: State Journal Register]

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