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If you read publications about cars long enough, you'll no doubt catch on to our pro-wagon bias. In fact, if us auto-journo types ran things, SUVs, CUVs and sedans would be banned, and all passenger cars would either be mid-engined, 500 horsepower coupes or 600 hp wagons. With manuals and roll up windows. No, really. This is the type of thinking required to join our vaunted profession. However, one of the many reasons we want mega-burly wagons isn't to haul one ton of dope around.

Seems that a twin-turbo, Lambo-V10 engined Audi RS6 Avant (good for at least 580 hp) was busted outside of Seville, Spain for not only going 133 mph, but for carrying 2,000 pounds of pot. Twenty-seven bundles of hashish to be specific. Value? €120,000, or about $180,000 USD. That's a lot of grass, man. And probably about one thousand pounds more than a RS6 sedan could have carried. Er... umm... we mean.... "Bad RS6 Avant, bad!"

[Source: Motor Pasion]

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