Peugeot RC HyMotion4 concept – Click above for high-res image gallery

The French may not be known for their efficiency as much as, say, ze Germans, but according to the latest reports from across the Pond, Peugeot is reportedly looking at merging two weak product lines into one new sedan. The models in question are the 407 and 607, two saloons that may intrigue from this side of the Atlantic but haven't exactly been runaway successes with those who can pick them up at their local dealership. As a result, parent company PSA's new president Philippe Varin has reportedly confirmed that both models will be integrated into one new successor to be called the 508.

The last time Peugeot used the 50X model designation was with the 505 of 1979. Although we have no idea at this point what the new 508 will be like, we're expecting it to be unveiled in concept form at the 2010 Paris Auto Salon before its production introduction at Geneva in 2011.

[Source: Le Blog Auto]

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