Who's going car free? The 2012 Olympics in London, a town in Germany, and some people on one day a year. A tiny island off the coast of Taiwan has decided to join the car-free club, at least to shed the gas guzzling kind.

The tropical island of Liuqiu will spend a lot of money – between $9.3 to $15.5 billion – over the next three years to phase out gas cars and replace them with electric vehicles. The plan covers buses, cars and scooters and is intended to make the tourist destination remain a place where divers and snorkelers want to visit. Perhaps the local government can turn to the quirky electric vehicle developed by the Intelligent Mobility Technology division of the Taiwan Automotive Research Consortium (TARC) for some of those new vehicles. If the plan comes to fruition, it might be expanded to other parts of Taiwan.

[Source: Reuters]
Photo by mckaysavage. Licensed under Creative Commons license 2.0.

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