Chrysler's dealers haven't yet entered the portion of the game wherein they can catch a break. As if the dearth of inventory and lack of new vehicles weren't enough, nearly 150 dealers haven't been able to finalize floorplan financing. Since Chrysler Financial has exited that business, GMAC stepped in, but dealers are having a hard time meeting its terms: 85 have been turned down flat, another 60 or so are still working on it.

In some cases GMAC has asked for more collateral; in at least one other case, GMAC is looking for the dealer to alter the lending structure of his mortgages (not floorplan), held by Chrysler Financial. The former Pentastar piggy bank, again accused of trying to wind down its operations, said it "continues to cooperate" with all involved. If the rumored number of dealers does fall, it would take Chrysler's planned closures up to nearly 1,000, after the 789 announced earlier this year.

[Source: Bloomberg | Image: Mark Ralston/Getty]

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