We don't condone illegal behavior here at Autoblog. Heaven forbid. But if you are going to break the law, this strikes us as a good way to go about it.

Reports out of Germany indicate that a group of some 100 people in 43 cars descended upon the Hockenheimring (host of the German Grand Prix) in southern Germany this past Saturday night for what we can only describe as the racing equivalent of a flash mob. The group reportedly coordinated over the interwebs, showed up at night after the track was closed and staged an impromptu race around the circuit.

That is, until 50 cops showed up to bust the illegal race. Officials say they'll all be fined – presumably for trespassing, since we don't imagine there's anything illegal about actually, you know, racing on a race track – and that this wasn't the first time this kind of race has been held on the track after hours. Giggity. Thanks to everyone for the tips!

[Source: The Local | Image: Vladimir Rys/Bongarts/Getty]

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