2010 BMW F10 5-Series - Click above for image gallery

BMW's official unveiling ceremony isn't until Monday, but a few authentic shots of the all-new "F10" BMW 5 Series are floating around cyberspace. These three low resolution images only give us a frontal glimpse of the upcoming 5 Series sedan, apparently as it does a dress rehearsal for its big show at the beginning of the week.

Our first sans-camouflage observation says it looks much like the 5 Series GT, its close sibling (nobody was expecting any radical styling departure anyway). Thanks to its "sport sedan" role, the new 5 Series four-door sports a slightly more aggressive flair to its front facade and side styling. In case you were wondering, the little black buttons just ahead of the front wheels are side view cameras, just like those found on the 7 Series. We'll reserve further judgment until Monday, when they pull the rest of the tarp off. Thanks for the tip, Brandon!

UPDATE: Full official gallery of shots from BMW added.

  • The new BMW 5 Series Sedan, interior sketch (11/2009)
  • F10_2007_07_18_ 0002
  • The new BMW 5 Series Sedan, interior sketch (11/2009)

[Source: 5post.com]

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