Can you use biodiesel in commercial truck applications? Sure you can. Thousands of trucks burn it everyday. Still, not everyone is fully convinced, and some want to operate their own fleet test to prove that turning waste vegetable oil into fuel is a viable plan. This is what CO 2Sense Yorkshire, a UK-based group that helps businesses and organisations "prosper and grow in the new Low Carbon Economy," is planning with a new demonstration project. Basically, businesses in the area say, "hey, put that fuel in my vehicle and we'll see what happens," and CO 2Sense Yorkshire says, "OK, here's 3,000 liters of 100% waste vegetable oil biodiesel fuel for free. Tell us how it works." Sounds like a deal to us.
The biofuel trial runs from December through February. Interested companies who want to volunteer a vehicle have until the end of the month to submit an application. Details here. Thanks to Damon S. for the tip!

[Source: Fleetnews]

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