Sometimes we're happy when a concept car gets approved for production. This time around... not so much. According to reports from across the pond, the Citroen Revolte concept has been approved for production and will carry the DS2 badge when it arrives.

The concept car was unveiled a couple of months ago at the Frankfurt show, and suffice it to say, it wasn't exactly the best looking debut at the expo. Supposedly reviving the iconic 2CV, the Revolte concept certainly lived up to its name. The production version, meanwhile, is tipped to take on the DS2 nameplate as part of the French automaker's new premium line-up that started with the DS3 and is slated to grow with the inclusion of the DS4 (based on the upcoming new C4) and DS5 (based on – you guessed it – the new C5). Power for the DS2 is expected to come in the form of a range of three-cylinder gasoline and diesel engines when it hits the streets sometime around 2011.

The best we can say is this: At least it will remain far away from the States, as Citroen stays out of the North American market.

[Source: Auto Express]

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