VIDEO: Yes, the 2010 Audi S4 can drift

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When we drove the 2010 Audi S4, we praised the sedan's trick electronic rear differential for its ability to shuffle torque between the rear wheels to give the sensation, if not the exact effect, of oversteer. Unfortunately, our track time was spent in an e-diffless model, so we didn't get to fully exploit its potential around Infineon. However, hot-shoe Ignacio Perez did just that at Spain's Jarama circuit.

After the jump you can watch Perez putting the new S4 into full-on drifts around the track with one nervous front seat passenger and his camera-wielding companion in tow. Although getting the S4 sideways isn't too difficult (we did it a few times in the standard model), you can see in the video that speed drops off precipitously at corner the exit. Regardless, modern-day Audis are no longer relentlessly pushing, nose-heavy beasts and, what's more, Perez was wagging his tail in an S4 Avant, the five-door version we can't get in the States... dammit.

[Source: Fourtitude]

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