Valentino Rossi samples the BMW M3 GTS, drives away in M3 sedan

Valentino Rossi drives the BMW M3 GTS – Click above for high-res image gallery

After securing his record ninth MotoGP title, there's little doubt that Valentino Rossi is the fastest man on two wheels. And BMW has acknowledged the Italian rider's speed by awarding him a brand-spankin'-new M3 sedan.

The German automaker is a sponsor of the motorbike racing series, providing organizers with safety cars and other vehicles, and even using it to debut the new X6 M crossover earlier this year. And every year BMW gifts a car to the rider who proved the fastest in qualifying over the course of the season. Rossi's won the "M Award" five times now, but before he drove off in his new V8 sports sedan, BMW gave him a rare opportunity to sample the new hardcore M3 GTS.

So what did the fastest man on two wheels think of the fastest Bimmer on four? Quite a lot, apparently, as the multiple world champion said he wants to be first on the list when the M3 GTS goes on sale next year. That's quite a glowing endorsement, and all it cost them was a test drive. Click on the thumbnails below for a high-res image gallery.

[Source: BMW M Division]

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