Mini Rolls-Royce special for Park Lane – Click above for image gallery

It's been about half a year since the initial reports of a Rolls-Royce edition Mini first surfaced, and nearly as long since the first batch of photos emerged. But rumors persist, and now reports from the UK indicate that mutual parent company BMW has given the green light for a series of Rolls-style accoutrements for the iconic retro-hatch.

Following market trends that seem to indicate that, in Europe especially, buyers aren't willing to give up on luxury when they go for more compact, fuel-efficient rides, the specially-trimmed Minis would offer customers a range of customization options suitable for a Phantom yet packed into a Cooper. But rather than outfitting Minis with stock luxury trim packages – like Aston Martin is preparing to do with the iQ-based Cygnet – the exclusive Mini hatchbacks would be outfitted at the Rolls-Royce factory according to individual customer orders. Clients would be able to choose from the best leathers and veneers to give their Minis a more upscale feel, much like the coachbuilt Minis popular amongst British celebs like Harold Radford and The Beatles in the '60s, but available through established dealers in a more organized fashion.

Unfortunately, that's about all the information available at this point, but sources suggest a public announcement sometime next year.

[Source: Autocar]

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