Electric Cars of Springfield (ECOS), taking full advantage of an invitation from duPont Registry, brought their recently constructed all-electric supercar to SEMA 2009. The bright orange Harbinger™ (photo above), with its Lamborghini-looks drew lots of attention with the likes of Diggity Dave stopping by for an extended chat. Its open scissor-door seemed to lure passing show professionals who used the two-seater as an impromptu posing podium (photo right).

Besides being a head-turner, the car also acted as a platform for a product from another Missouri company. EVInstruments had their customizable MiMod™EV monitoring system with its touchscreen installed in the craft ready to provide potential drivers with GPS, stereo and wireless internet as well as real-time info on things like battery condition and power consumption.

Built on a Germanā€engineered aluminum frame and suspension system of undetermined origin, the Harbinger uses an 11" Netgain DC motor to get its bad self up to 60 mph in about 5 seconds before heading off to the electronically-imposed limit of 117 mph. Lurking beneath the composite body lies 30 kWh of lithium ion batteries said to be worth up to 150 miles of range. The social media-friendly (Facebook/Twitter) company hopes its beast will bewitch buyers into parting with $89,995 and is now accepting reservations for a limited production scheduled to start in February. ECOS got its start last year doing radical frame-off VW Beetle restoration conversions and sells electric-car components for the do-it-yourselfer. While all that might sound like enough to keep the young company busy, their website also has mention of another vehicle they hope to build next year. The ECOS Fun is a little Jeep-inspired affair that promises highway speeds and hundred-mile range for $24,995. Hit the jump for video of a little Harbinger-in-Vegas action.

[Source: ECOS Motors]

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