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You probably already know just how bad the employment situation is here in the States, and if you don't, nationwide unemployment is right around 10% – and that doesn't include those who took lower-paying part-time jobs in place of a lost full-time job. That's bad news for us, but at least in one case, that's good news for Volkswagen. No, the German automaker doesn't take pleasure in the fact that the U.S. job market sucks or that consumers aren't buying new vehicles like they were just a few years ago, but on the bright side, the automaker has scored 65,000 applications for its under-construction Tennessee production facility. That's enough people to fit into the typical pro football stadium or enough workers to run 32 assembly plants – and all of those apps were turned in over a narrow three week window.

According to the Chattanooga Times Free Press, Volkswagen plans to hire 2,000 workers overall; 1,200 for general assembly and another 800 for salaried and skilled positions. Since only one-in-32.5 applicants are likely to be hired, VW is being very selective. Prospective employees will need to pass an aptitude test and be able to perform some basic tasks in order to be considered. Once workers are able to prove their worth, the next step for applicants is to be entered into a lottery for the precious jobs. Only residents of Chattanooga and Hamilton County will be given preferential treatment.

The German automaker has already hired about 200 workers for the facility which will produce the company's so-called New Midsize Sedan (NMS), and a lot more figure to come on-line in the Spring. The rest of the employees will be brought on board closer to the plant's scheduled opening in early 2011. General laborers will receive a starting wage of $14.50 per hour with that number rising to $19.50 within three years plus a "comprehensive benefits package."

[Source: Chattanooga Times Free Press]

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