Jay Leno drives Commuter Cars' Tango - click above to watch the video after the jump

Jay Leno likes him some electric Tango. No, not the new dance craze all the kids are talking texting about, but rather the oddly-narrow but very quick two-seater from Commuter Cars. Now, regular Autobloggreen readers have seen the Tango before, posing beside George Clooney or perhaps drag racing Tesla Roadsters, and many have commented (less than favorably) on its, um, nonconformist appearance. Perfect fodder, one might think, for a crack by someone who knows a thing or two about comedy. Instead, our man Jay Leno plays things pretty straight as he chats with its creator Rick Woodbury before taking it for a spin.

Watching the clip, you can tell that Leno really likes it, especially from behind the wheel. He reports it doesn't feel like a small car inside and really only looks weird from the outside. He likes that it's unique and finds the fact you can lane split with it to be hilarious. However, the real reason he states "It makes you smile..." has less to do with the Tango's width as it does with the fact that "it goes like stink," a point which he happily reiterates.

Despite its turn-of-speed, one of the Tango's biggest shortcoming is its 40 mile range at highway speeds. The car's heavy lead acid batteries are great for keeping it upright around hard corners, but you can't expect to go too far with yesteryear's technology. During their pre-drive talk, Commuter Cars' Woodbury revealed that the company is finally about to put lithium battery pack in a test car, and he expects for it to go up to 200 miles. All of which strikes us as a much more reasonable number if he ever expects to bring skinny back. Hit the jump for video of a little Tango in Jay's Garage.

[Source: Jay Leno's Garage]

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