Got $4,047? That's what it'll take you to make your Prius even more efficient and snazzy if you were to buy one of everything on the list of seven MPG-saving items put together by HybridCars (and which just happen to be available for sale from the site). The items include a $69 aftermarket EV button for the second-gen models that don't have this feature (installation takes just minutes, they say), a $3,095-Aero Tourer kit, and a Chassis Stiffener Kit, among other things. The EV mode button and the stiffener won't do wonders for your mpg, but they can provide modest boosts, and every little bit helps.
We're less impressed with the $37 NavCap, a visor of sorts for the info screen, and the iPod connector cable as a way to save fuel, but that bike rack makes sense. Evey mile you're on two wheels instead of in the car saves a lot of CO2.

[Source: HybridCars]

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