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The 2009 Tokyo Motor Show has come and gone, and despite rumors leading up to the event, Nissan never unveiled a SpecM version of the GT-R. However, a new report from Japan says that work continues on the softened, marginally up-market super coupe, although there's no word when we'll finally see it.

According to InsideLine's correspondent from Japan, the R35 version of the Nissan GT-R SpecM will dispatch Godzilla's standard hard-riding suspension with a more road-friendly setup that won't affect the twin-turbo'd AWD monster's prodigious grip. Early reports indicate that a few interior modifications will bring the GT-R up to par with its more luxurious, European competition, including new interior color combinations and optional aluminum or wood grain trim. However, no amount of interior tweaks will make the price premium for the SpecM go down any easier -- IL reports that the SpecM will be sold for around 18,000,000 yen (the equivalent of over $200k), or 2,250,000 yen more than the already cost prohibitive (and more lust-worthy) SpecV.

[Source: InsideLine]

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