George Barris's 1967 Oldsmobile Toronado 70-X - clic above for high-res image gallery

If you've never seen Vincent Gallo's Buffalo 66, stop reading and watch it. Why? Because otherwise the next part of this post isn't going to make any sense to you. Anyhow, remember the scene when his Billy Brown character kidnaps/carjacks Christina Ricci's Layla and forces her to drive because he can't work a manual?
"Would you like to know why I can't drive this kinda car? I'm used to luxury cars. Have you ever heard of a luxury car? Ever heard of Cadillac, Cadillac Eldorado? That's what I drive. I drive cars that shift themselves. My cars shift themselves. The luxury cars, they shift themselves."
We quote this scene because we think this here particular Oldsmobile Toronado would appeal to Mr. Brown's predilection for luxury cars. We mean, just look at that back seat. Incredible, right? Wrap around leather benches are totally (and sadly) missing from our everyday automotive experience. And we're pretty sure you could use the fold-out cocaine shelf to write on, so it's practical, too. Curiously, we've seen a Barris Toro before – though that one was dubbed 67X – and although it was in much worse shape, it failed to meet its reserve at $7,701.

Now, this particular custom Toronado (the story goes that Barris built four of these for the 1967 Canadian Expo -- only two are known to survive) is much better shape, having undergone a "complete frame-up restoration at an astronomical cost." However, $7,701 won't even get you into that amazing drug den back seat. In fact, the starting bid is $227,770 and the reserve isn't met. Sure, that's a lot of scratch, but you can really put a price on luxury like this? We're saying no. Happy bidding!

[Source: eBay Motors]

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