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The case of the ill-fated Bugatti Veyron versus the invisible pelican has had the Internets buzzing for the past week. First we saw footage of the $1.6 million supercar as it was being pulled out of a Texas swamp. The story behind the dastardly crash was that a low-flying pelican caused the (at the time) un-named driver to swerve off the road and ultimately land in over two feet of watery muck.

Then, as if by some sort of miracle, a video appeared of the actual crash, and, quite frankly, we didn't see any pelican. Then we found out that the car was being driven by Andy House, the owner of Performance Auto Sales in Lufkin. PAS, as it turns out, fixes wrecked exotics, making the crash look all the more suspicious. Now, less than a week after the crash, one very patient viewer watched the video frame by frame, and there looks to be some evidence that something white was floating near the Veyron right before the accident. We don't know if the image was doctored and there is no definitive way to verify that the white smear is a pelican, but it certainly has the size and shape of the large and awkward-looking bird. Take a look at the picture above and tell us if you think there is a chance in hell that white blur is a pelican – or perhaps a bit of Photoshop magic.

In the meantime, it appears as though the Internets are beginning to have some fun with Mr. House and his ill-fated Veyron joy ride. First is a can of pelican repellent on sale at the Car Guy Garage website. Price tag? Only $2 million greenbacks. Of course, eBay isn't going to be left out of the sunken Veyron sweepstakes either, as one pioneering auctioneer has come up with the Apple AquaticAvoidanceSystem system for avoiding lakes, marshes, channels, bays and any other body of water. AAS.... very clever. The starting bid price is a far more manageable $800, but you're buying a pair of Apple ear buds so that next you don't blame a hapless bird for dropping your iPhone and driving into a marsh. Happy bidding, Veyron owners!

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