Jeremy Clarkson, flippers and a Jaguar XKR Convertible - Click above to watch the video

We missed the first part of this skit, as the video you're about to watch isn't from Top Gear, but rather from JC's newest DVD Dual Duel. Still, it does feature the Stig. And some ridiculous-yet-somehow-jealousy-inducing car-antics. Apparently, Jezza bragged that the Jag is such an easy to handle drifter all-star, that he could smash an apple... while wearing flippers.

But he's not the only one wearing ridiculous shoes while hammering a big powerful car around a track. The Stig attempts to smash apples in a pair of wellingtons. The results, while absurd, juvenile and predictable (guess who has the easier time making applesauce), are still must-watch gearhead television. So without further ado, make the jump and watch the video.

[Source: YouTube via Axis of Oversteer]

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