Rumormill: Holden-based, RWD 2012 Chevy SS coming after all?

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If it's Monday, there must be a big, rear-wheel drive Chevrolet four-door coming soon. Tuesday? We'll retract and deny everything. We know, we know. We also know we just reported that the next Chevy Impala will remain front-wheel drive – but check this out. We've been hearing rumors for some time now, that despite whatever Fritz Henderson has to say on the matter, a high-performance version of General Motors' Zeta platform that underpins the Pontiac G8 will live on as a Chevy SS model, either badged as a Caprice or (more likely) an Impala. And we're not talking the police special. As Maximum Bob has said, the G8 is " Kinda too good to waste." Needless to say, we totally agree.

An eagle-eye'd AB reader named Jim just caught the following on a Pontiac G8 forum:
"My dealer had sent off pictures to GM of the cable portion of the front seats belts rubbing against the plastic on the side of the front seats. In an email sent back to the dealer, GM says that they have no plans to solve what has already been built but going forward a correction is planned. The email continues: ...a fix is planned for MY11.5 Chevy Police Program and MY12 Chevy SS. The fix will involve a protective sleeve that covers the buckle and section of the buckle stem that rubs on the plastic trim."

How 'bout them apples? That might normally be a sliver of a sliver of a rumor, but it exactly what what we've heard independently from a reliable source – and it brings a great big smile to our face. Now, repeat after us, LS3 with six-speed manual, LS3 with six-speed manual, LS3 with six-speed manual... Thanks a million, Jim!

[Source: G8 Board]

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