It looks like everyone is thinking about Chrysler these days. First it was former DaimlerChrysler CEO (and current Daimler CEO) Dieter Zetsche offering advice to Fiat CEO Sergio Marchionne. Now it looks like former presidential contender and current Arizona Senator John McCain not only thinks that bailing out the ailing automaker was a bad idea (even though he supported bailing out Detroit during his 2008 presidential campaign), he thinks that Chrysler has no future. Here's a quote that comes via The Detroit News:
"It was all about the unions. The unions didn't want to have their very generous contracts renegotiated so we put $80 billion into both General Motors and Chrysler, and anybody believes that Chrysler is going to survive, I'd like to meet them."
While McCain's never been one for pulling punches, this may be one head butt over the top. Chrysler declined to comment on McCain's statements. Ironically, McCain made his comments while serving as grand marshal of a NASCAR event at the Phoenix International Raceway as Dodge announced its new Nationwide Series Challenger racer.

[Source: Detroit News | Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty]

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