Pics Aplenty: Maybach drops full slate of Zeppelin images

Maybach Zeppelin 62 - Click above for high-res image gallery

Hi everybody! You're looking at the $612,000 Maybach Zeppelin 62. We've already given out opinion as to why the new Zeppelin range of Maybachs probably ain't worth the extra money. So never mind the economics of the car -- at least for a few minutes. What we have here is a big old gallery worth of images of the new ultra-exclusive top of the line Maybach in its natural habitat. That's right, running around the French Riviera. We'll get to sneak a peak at the new Zeppelin's interior come Geneva. Maybe even sit inside it if we can catch a security guard dozing on the job.

We've been hearing rumors of Maybach's demise for quite some time, but as soon as some pundit yells game over, Daimler's uber-luxury brand goes and releases another model -- like the kooky Landaulet. And we don't mean kooky in a derogatory way. We mean it in a "We're kooky and we'd love to pull up to a roller derby game in a white-on-white Landaulet with half a dozen of our closest friends" kind of way. Failing that, we wouldn't mind rolling 'round town in a Zeppelin. Especially if we're not paying.

[Source: Daimler]

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