A website devoted to following the development of that futuristic vision of automotive efficiency known as the Aptera has spent much of the month of November in stomach-knotting suspense as rumors began flowing that CEO Paul Wilbur and company directors were planning significant staff cuts (thread here). According to multiple anonymous sources, the blood-letting began in earnest on Thursday when the top fabrication engineer and supervisor (and aluminum jewelery maker) Tim Dine was axed and continued when word trickled out that co-founders Steve Fambro and Chris Anthony had also been ousted, along with 30 percent of remaining employees.

We expect Aptera to release a statement soon addressing the situation. If true, the firings would seem to confirm recent speculation that the company was not going to hit its target of beginning production by the end of the year. An alleged final production version of the craft has only been seen in a computer rendering and communication from the firm has been, well, let's just say their Twitter feed has been tweetless for over a month. On the other hand, the company has recently re-applied for $75 million in DOE loans that, if successful, should lead to cars coming off the line. Eventually. Our fingers remain crossed.

[Source: ApteraForum]

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