Parts Imitating Life: Sculptor uses car parts to make cars... and animals

James Corbett's car parts art – Click above for image gallery

One man's junk is... well, you know. Watching the shiny metal grommets roll through his auto recycling plant in Brisbane, Australia, James Corbett doesn't appear to know the word "junk" when it comes to cars. He takes all of those leftover bits and makes superbly detailed sculptures of mostly vintage racers and, of all things, animals. None of the parts are bent or altered to help make the pieces, either. Corbett even built a full-size car out of parts and stuck a flathead V8 in it, and he still takes it racing.

Corbett has an exhibit coming up in London this month and then takes his show to Palm Desert, CA next year. If you don't get a chance to see the real things, we suggest you have a well-worth-it look at the images in our gallery below.

[Source: James Corbett via Pistonheads]

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