Toyota only made the decision to abandon its Formula One program a few weeks ago, but the lead time for developing a new car is a much longer than that. The engineering team at Toyota's Cologne F1 headquarters had been working on the 2010 car for most of 2009, and the actual design is already complete and ready for construction.

Given that a number of new teams are entering F1 for the first time in 2010, they'll be trying to develop new designs from the ground up. Interestingly, has Toyota evidently has decided not to sell the team and its existing infrastructure. However, it is offering up the designs that have been developed for the now abandoned new car. Teams could potentially buy all the necessary CAD data needed to build a car from an established team. Given the relative lack of success that Toyota has had during its F1 tenure in spite of the cubic dollars it has spent, teams might want to look elsewhere, but who knows? The price tag is likely to be cheaper than designing a whole new car from scratch.

[Source: Autocar]

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