When we saw the Coda Automotive promotion team during the AltCar Expo last month, most of the participants were wearing (and giving away) T-shirts labeled "End Dependence Day" (there was also at least one bad sunburn). The idea they were trying to give out was that the company's fairly normal-looking sedan holds within it a lot of potential. Coda's new website, unveiled yesterday, takes the "practical revolution" message from the shirts to the Interwebs. As Coda wrote to us:

Because CODA is less about a car and more about a cause, what you can expect to see is a hype-free zone, where consumers can learn not just about the CODA, but about the important issues surrounding the EV industry. Visitors can check out new images of the all electric sedan, which reflect a slightly updated front and rear fascia and exterior lighting. And for the first time, you will also be able to see renderings of the car's ecologically progressive interior, with fabric made from recycled plastics (PET) including soda bottles.

The new website will also soon feature a new company blog and an impact calculator to see what it would mean to switch over to the Coda Sedan from your current gas guzzler. Revolutionary? No, but not a bad thing to have.

UPDATE: We had an old version of the site in our browser cache. New image uploaded.

[Source: Coda Automotive]

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