Fans of the normal-car-as-EV style of the Coda Sedan, you've been warned. What we have here is the AirRay, a totally unusual vehicle that (theoretically, at least) uses solar, wind and plug-in power to decrease gasoline consumption. It's also a little bit crazy.

The giant air scoops on the hood and rear of this car are used to power the air turbines – three in front, one in back – that generate energy for some sort of unspecified battery system. Said battery can also be charged using a plug, and the whole apparatus is Vehicle to Grid (V2G) capable. On the roof, a "solar honeycomb-membrane panel" sucks up rays for additional power.

The AirRay is the product of EarthSure Renewable Energy Corp., which bills itself as "an American corporation innovating technologies to produce energy in a clean and affordable way." What are they all about? Well, "Our goal is to offer a cost-effective way for all businesses to use Green Energy, regardless of size or industry. We are on the cutting edge of compliance with America's Green Initiatives as they relate to the energy and environmental provisions in the Stimulus Plan. Sounds like this car will be ready ... never, but there's a video of the rendering in action after the jump. Thanks to Sean J. for the tip!

[Source: AirRay]

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