VIDEO: The coolest CG car vid you'll see today

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We've seen plenty of car-related videos of our time, and we've posted on quite a few of them on Autoblog. The clips are usually informative, offer a sneak peak of a future product, or they're just plain funny, but one thing we've never done is showcase a reader's demo reel, until today. Why? Because after the jump is one of the sweetest home-grown car videos in the history of geeks playing with CGI software.

The video features a Chevrolet Camaro, a Ford Shelby Mustang, a Jeep Grand Cherokee and – wait for it – a Vaz 2107. The supposed theme of the video is that some spiked orb thing ascends down from above, shooting pure, Spider Man 3-like evil upon the four unsuspecting vehicles. Once the vehicles become infected with this black plague, they get all bad and dark and stuff. Then a Black Hawk flies into the picture just for the added cool and hangs out with the souped up, shiny black cars. It's all kind of Mad Hatter if you ask us, but it's also completely freaking cool. Hollywood production quality cool. Music and sound effects are outstanding as well. Nicely done, Pantural, whoever you are. Thanks to all who sent in tips!

[Source: Pantural via YouTube]

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