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Lotus has managed to snag two car of the year honors from EVO magazine for two different machines. The new Evora came out on the top of the heap among the new road going cars, while the Evora went into production earlier this year and as of last month, Lotus has apparently delivered about 800 examples. EVO did their testing in Scotland at the Isle of Skye and the Lotus bested the likes of the Ferrari 458, Aston Martin V12 Vantage and Porsche 911 GT3.

EVO also evaluated track cars at the Bedford Autodrome for their own award and here Lotus again took the top prize. Running against an assortment of competitors from the Ford Focus RS and Mitsubishi Evo to more extreme machines like a Lamborghini Gallardo and the latest Arial Atom, the Lotus 2-Eleven got the best score. The 2-Eleven had the second best time and was found to be the most fun to drive. Considering the 2-Eleven looks more like a pure race car, it's astonishing that under British rules you can actually get single vehicle type approval to drive them on public roads. 'Scuse me Lotus? We'd love to try out the 2-Eleven!

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press release

Lotus Scoops EVO Car of the Year Double

The Lotus Evora takes the title of 'EVO Car of the Year 2009', with the Lotus 2-Eleven winning the prestigious 'EVO Track Car of the Year 2009' competition.

For the 'EVO Car of the Year 2009' test EVO Magazine took a fleet of the world's most desirable driving machines to the sensational roads of the Isle of Skye in Scotland, to evaluate the cars over a three day and 1000 mile test route.
The Lotus Evora, along with cars from manufacturers including Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porsche and Aston Martin were put through their paces on the challenging and technical roads by the EVO team.

In the Car of the Year test, the group of 13 cars were whittled down to the top 5 and then scored out of 100, with the Lotus Evora beating all other entrants with an impressive score of 96.0.

John Barker, Motoring Editor said of the Evora "It's a magical thing across the ground, deft like an Elise, with exceptional poise and feel. What was telling for me was that, getting into it after any of the other finalists, it was even better than I remembered: a bit smoother, a bit quicker and even sweeter dynamically, too. It's a beguiling car."

David Vivian, Contributing Editor, commented, "A quite brilliant car and worthy winner."

The 'EVO Track Car of the Year 2009' event swapped the dramatic scenery and challenging gradients for the more familiar, but fast and demanding West Circuit at the Bedford Autodrome.

The Lotus 2-Eleven along with eleven other cars competed for the title of 'EVO Track Car of the Year 2009'. The test group contained some of the most exciting track cars on sale today, including hot hatches, track focused supercars and exotic track machines.

In the Track Car of the Year competition the cars were each timed around the West Circuit and compared subjectively to find a winner. On the way to winning the competition the 2-Eleven posted the second fastest time and closely matched the criteria set by the judges of providing entertainment, being rewarding and a challenge to drive.

Roger Green, Track Test Editor, when commenting on the 2-Eleven said "Every single judge described (the 2-Eleven) as 'superb' in their assessment notes."

Henry Catchpole, Road Test Editor, stated that "It's fabulous. It takes the habitability, finish and dimensions of the road car and adds the dynamics and awesome gearbox of a race car."

Luke Bennett, Operations Director of Lotus Cars Limited said that "I am delighted that the Evora took the title of "EVO Car of the Year 2009" and it is made even better that at the same time the 2-Eleven has won the Track Car of the Year competition. The Evora and 2-Eleven offer very different ownership propositions; however both have the same Lotus DNA and each reward the driver with a great Lotus driving experience."

Luke went on to say "It is a great endorsement for Lotus cars that the most refined car in the product line up is picking up awards at the same time as the most extreme car in the range, illustrating the great wealth of engineering and manufacturing expertise at Lotus."

Lotus Evora:

205 g/km CO2 32.5 mpg (8.7 litres / 100 km) - Combined Cycle 22.8 mpg (12.4 litres / 100 km) - Urban Cycle 43.5 mpg (6.5 litres / 100 km) - Extra Urban Cycle

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