Ford Lusitánia, the Portuguese importer of The Blue Oval's vehicles, is currently promoting the Projecto Eco-Condução Portugal. The project includes a contest and a campaign to promote a small set of eco-driving tips.
The contest takes 20 motorists, selected from 150 finalists, who are being tested as they drive their cars to see who uses the least amount of fuel. The eco-driving campaing focus on 6 common green driving tips: anticipate traffic, drive using low rpm, don't rev up and then quickly slowing down, keep the car properly tuned and analsye your driving to try and identify ways to burn less fuel. Ford partners for this campaing are the ACAP, BP, IMTT-Instituto da Mobilidade e dos Transportes Terrestres, Instituto Superior Técnico and CarChip.

[Source: Ford of Portugal]

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