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There are reasons to criticize the Mini E leases that BMW is offering – for example, that BMW is using the program to game CARB's Zero Emission Vehicle credit system – but one of the undeniable problems on the ground was some trouble with slow home charging. Because of the trouble with some home chargers at the start of the program, the manager of Mini electric vehicle operations and strategy, Richard Steinberg, told Car and Driver that BMW is considering extending the leases. There are two reasons an extension would be good for the automaker: it would keep customers happy and to it would make sure the project is in operation long enough for BMW to get the data that it is looking for. This data includes information on how often the EV was charged and how it was driven. If people couldn't drive their EVs because they were not able to charge them, then BMW doesn't get its gigabytes of data, so an extension might be best all around. No word on if customers would have to pony up more money for the extra months.

[Source: Car and Driver]

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