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It's funny how publications have a personality. It shouldn't be funny, as obviously all publications have an editor and said editor has a collection of likes and dislikes, but we still find it amusing. Here's a for instance. This year, our pals over at Motor Trend went ahead and named the Subaru Outback their Sport Utility Vehicle of the Year. Besides the obvious issue (a jacked up station wagon counts as an SUV?), this selection makes perfect sense considering that in 2008, the Subaru Forester won the same award. Funny, huh?

Therefore, it should surprise no one that Automobile has named the 2010 Volkswagen GTI their Automobile of the Year. Why? Because they did the same thing back in 2007. Really? Yeah, man... really. Only this time, we're not sure how ha ha funny we find this selection. It's more funny odd. For one thing, the 2010 GTI really isn't all that different than the 2007 GTI. Same powerplant, same suspension, same hard points. All that's really new are some body panels and an electronic differential, the latter of which is suspect during sustained, high-speed back country driving.

All that said, the new GTI is a fine car – we said so ourselves a few months back. However, we just don't see it as COTY material. In fact, if we were to select a single car to shower praise down upon... we're not even sure where we'd start. Some of us (ahem) would no doubt push for the Ford Shelby Mustang GT500 because for the money it just can't be beat (or for that matter, for twice the money). Still others would pick... the Ford Fusion Hybrid. So what do we know? Oh wait, two of us are on the Internet Car of the Year jury...

[Source: Automobile]

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