At first glance, it seems an unlikely piece of engineering. A one-wheeled electric motorcycle with Segway-like smarts for staying upright which, for safety's sake, topped out at 15 mph. For Ben Gulak, the Uno was just a starting point and several years after beginning his original prototype at the age of 16, Gulak, now an MIT student, has evolved his concept into a machine that transforms into a two-wheeler on the fly. At low speeds, it functions much like the original, but after it reaches about 20 mph, the wheels shift from rolling beside each other to the more typical "front to back" formation. This, as you might imagine, gives it increased stability and helps it deal with things like potholes.

While all that might sound impressive, it may be just a hint of what the future holds for both invention and inventor. You see, Ben isn't just a whiz around the workbench. He also seems to have a brain for business and has assembled a team under the banner of BPG Motors to help forward his vision of economical, environmentally-friendly transportation. Last month found the young Canadian in Silcon Valley to rendezvous with potential investors and, while we don't know the outcome of those meetings, if he displayed the same surety and skills he used to charm a roomful of business folks out of $1.25 million in capital during his appearance on Dragon's Den, we're sure he made out just fine. This guy is so impressive, we'd not be shocked if he eventually produces the world-altering device the Segway was supposed to be. Hit the jump to check out the aforementioned TV appearance.

[Source: BPG Motors / The Kneeslider via Electric Motorcycle Forum]

Ben Gulak with The Uno on Dragon's Den from Mariusz on Vimeo.

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