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In certain circles, the 911 4S is considered the Porsche to get. You got your high-output S motor, the security of all the wheels being driven, a curvaceous (if not swollen) rear end, all the luxuries of home (especially if you tick off "leather air vents" on the options list) but without the crippling price of the Turbo or punishing ride/packaging of the GT3. Obviously, lots of folks feel differently, but if you're going to go down the 4S road, you might want to stop off and pay a visit to TechArt.

The "why" is that using some absolutely gorgeous piping, TechArt has found a way to squeeze 35 more horseponies out of the Carrera 4S's 3.8-liter flat-six, raising the total from 385 to 420. Which is as much power as the original 996 Turbo made. Which, we need not remind you, passed for a supercar just a few short years ago. And the 997 iteration of the 4S weighs about one hundred pounds less than the old Turbo.

But you can't just give the people more power and call it a day. With that maxim in mind, TechArt has gone ahead and crafted up a nice body kit for its 4S. There's a little lip spoiler, some twisted sills and a tastefully done spoiler. Actually, that spoiler does more than just look good – it's got a Gurney flap! That means it's adjustable. TechArt also fussed around with the suspension, crafted some forged light-alloy wheels and even gave the interior a once over, adding better leather and aluminum pedals. You can find all of the details in the press release after the jump. But before than doing that, may we suggest you just trip out on this for a while?

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Press Release

TECHART Program for Porsche 997 - new performance kit for significantly more power

Leonberg, November 2009 - In an unmistakable look at the IAA be presented TECHART program for the current Porsche 911 Carrera 4S. The individualized Porsche brings perfection of form, sportiness and dynamism, and once again embodies the basic principle of all TECHART products: OEM quality - made in Germany. Available now in the program with this is the new Performance: The components include the exhaust valve "Racing" and a new engine electronics for a notable increase in output by up to 35 hp.

New TECHART performance kit
For the Porsche Carrera S and 4S all-wheel version of one developed TECHART performance kit for listening and feeling. The kit includes a new engine management software and an exhaust valve in the variant "Racing". The exhaust system includes two manifolds and a stainless steel Sportkatanlage, muffler with exhaust flap control unit and an exhaust valve doppelovale tailpipes in gloss black or chrome. The driver can thereby switch between a sporty-production sound or a powerful racing sound. Overall, the new performance kit provides a clearly noticeable performance increase of 35 horsepower - in the upper rpm range. Optionally, a pure exhaust valve of the variant "sport" is available which, although not a performance boost, it also provides the individual sound experience. The facility consists of muffler with exhaust valve, exhaust valve control unit, and doppelovalen tailpipes in gloss black or chrome.

Aerodynamics and Design
The TÜV-certified Aerokit I is the successful result of intensive development work in the wind tunnel. This increased to improve the use PUR-RIM components of downforce on the axles and also the stability. The front spoiler I, highlights the dynamics of the 911 Carrera and provides by streamlining the flow of air for effective cooling of the brake system. Side emphasizing the powerful sidelines. A roof spoiler and rear wing, three different variants, depending on the requirements to enable an accurate aerodynamic set at the rear. Thus, the variable rear wing IV pitot-air channels and integrates an additional adjustable trailing edge (Gurney flap). The dynamic nature are further complicated by decorative screens for the outside mirrors - made from carbon fiber painted in desired color, Scheinwerferzierblenden, a deep-seated rear diffuser and the new sport exhaust systems emphasized.

TECHART suspension
For sporty, tight handling makes next to a sports spring kit also TECHART TECHART threaded chassis VARIO. For vehicles with PASM, the variant VARIO PLUS is available. Both systems are equipped with threaded shock absorbers with adjustable train and rebound as well as specific main and auxiliary springs. TECHART Formula II and Formula light-alloy wheels, a five-spoked wheel in one or multipieced design underline this sportiness. For the new 911 models is also the TECHART Formula III forged light-alloy forged in the twin-spoke design Available in sizes 19 - and 20-inches. Optional is also the TECHART Noseliftsystem available to overcome curbs or other ramps. By pressing a button the car can be increased by up to 60 millimeters - even while driving up to 60 km / h.

Independent to the last detail: The interior
A wealth of different leather interiors, matching 3-spoke airbag sports steering wheels, aluminum pedals and trim are just a few extras. Custom design is limited by the TECHART-Manufactory almost no limits. The silver-colored accents are inter alia in the dashboard and Türzierteilen, placed at the aperture of the infotainment system in the center console, seat-back trays and coat hooks.

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