Images of the next generation Nissan Micra have plopped onto the interwebs, and they have brought with them a revelation we are a little ashamed to have come to so late. First, let us say that we really, really dig the Nissan Micra as it is. Sure, we delight most in its hardcore version, but even the gutless four-door variants have that design going for them: the Micra is wonderfully visually compelling.
The revelation is this: when it comes to Nissan, the phrase "This car is coming to the U.S." looks to actually mean "a bloated kind of melty looking version of this car is coming to the U.S." We saw it first with the Cube, and the same sort of globular travesty has apparently been perpetrated on the Micra. Forget the oh-so-sexy sketch from a month ago. If this is the car we're getting, look for the Micra with its thumb stuck its thumb in its grille and puffed-out cheeks.

When the new Micra bows as a 2011 model, it will reportedly be built in four-door, five-door, and MPV flavors, all of which will supposedly be powered by a three-cylinder engine. What isn't clear, however, is which Micra bodystyles we'll see in America.

[Source: Joke for Blog]

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